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Who wouldn’t want sparkling white teeth, particularly when we want to share our brilliant smile to everyone, right? Teeth whitening treatment is one of the priorities that dental patients usually requests for when going for a clinic visit. A whitening treatment is defined as any procedure that mainly involves making your teeth appear whiter, and more often than not, most of the whitening is done through a product that causes an innate change to the tooth enamel, rather than removing stain on its surface.

Nature has provided us with our pearly whites, but over the years, they are tainted with coffee/tea/wine consumption, tobacco smoking, or certain medication intake, and so they lose their natural whiteness and brilliant glow. Dirt and stain actually do more than reside visibly on our teeth’s surface; it eventually penetrates the enamel and discolours the dentin, the very reason why they appear somewhat yellowish.

At Bangkok Smile Silom Branch in Bangkok, we can easily bring back your radiant white smile using the latest most advance teeth whitening treatment options. We only offer the best because it’s what you truly deserve. You can choose among our three options that would fit your time, lifestyle, and budget. Our whitening treatments are guaranteed to bring back your pearly whites in the most comfortable and relaxing setting while producing astounding results.

Our "Truly Laser" Whitening Treatment

Bangkok Smile Silom Branch truly cares for your sparkling white smile. Our “Truly” Laser Teeth Whitening treatment is exclusively performed inside our studio clinic in Bangkok, where we utilize our special bleaching gel, that when activated by a laser beam becomes truly effective and ultimately speeding up the whitening process. Our bleaching gel is formulated with professional-grade hydrogen peroxide ranging from 25 to 40 percent in concentration levels that its own proprietary laser activates and enhances for immediate and dramatic whitening results.

Prior to the laser whitening procedure, our dentist will make sure you are eligible for the treatment and will be asked to wear cheek retractors, rubber dams, and other precautions to protect your lips, gums, and other oral tissues. Your dentist may as well administer a professional application of fluoride or similar products to de-sensitize your teeth after the procedure.

Our “Truly Laser" Whitening treatment takes about an hour to complete. Please do remember that not everyone is a candidate for this procedure and a dental examination from our dentist is required prior to consideration. Also, depending on the desired level of whiteness, several treatments may be required to achieve your goals. Take-home bleaching kits may as well be recommended to improve and/or maintain the results.

Professional "Take-Home" Whitening Kits

If you want a glistening white smile but would rather want it done at home, and in your own time, we at Bangkok Smile Silom Branch have the perfect solution for you. With the guidance of our cosmetic dental experts, you can brighten up your smile at home safely and effectively with our Professional Home Bleaching Kit.

Unlike other commercial or OTC/Over-the-counter home whitening trays available on the markets, our Professional Take-Home Bleaching Kit comes with clinical-grade bleaching gel and a custom-built whitening tray that perfectly fits your teeth and maximizes the whitening process as the bleaching gel is properly and evenly spread on each and every tooth in your arches. Most often, the commercial kits provide a one-size-fits-all mouth tray that may even cause discomfort and prevents the whitening agents from getting proper contact with the teeth whitening Bangkok.

Our Professional Take-Home Bleaching Kit also comes with a top-quality bleaching gel that is formulated with carbamide peroxide which acts as its whitening agent. One unique factor of our bleaching gel is containing potassium and (PF) fluoride, which maintains your tooth enamel’s health throughout the whitening process. The ingredients also prevents dehydration and discoloration relapse. Grab our kit and get bleaching results comparable to an in-clinic whitening treatment at home, and in your own time.

ZOOM! Whitespeed™ Whitening System

Our Philips ZOOM! WHITESPEED™ treatment is currently being asked for by more and more patients than any other professional whitening systems available these days, and for a load of reasons. One is that it delivers maximum results by utilizing advanced blue LED light technology with variable intensity settings.

Advanced technology and proven results is what you are about to experience with ZOOM! WHITESPEED™. It is the latest technological breakthrough in professional teeth whitening Bangkok, solutions and is clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in a span of 45 minutes. It also outshines other systems when it comes to results and efficacy. This is mainly because its LED light technology, which emits greater light intensity thus providing over 50% better results compared to other lamp systems. In addition, its proprietary whitening gel is combined with a pH booster, that when combined with the advanced LED light technology, significantly accelerates the bleaching process, thus delivering dramatic results that you’ll love, all in just a single appointment in our studio clinic.

The VITAPAN® Bleached Shade Guide (by VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG) determines that you can achieve a “Wow” (B1 or better) ranking, the lightest natural tooth shade, within 45 minutes with ZOOM! WHITESPEED™.

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